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Hotel Valli di Lanzo

Hotel and restaurant in the green Valli di Lanzo near Turin

The Hotel Italia, whose origins date back to the nineteenth century,is placed in the province of Turin in the village of Coassolo Torinese a 742 metri at 742 meters above the sea level, in keeping with the peaceful, natural environment of the Tesso Valley. This small valley is included in the complex of Valli di Lanzo that from the peaks of over 3,600 meters including also Cirie, Venaria, Fiano and Robassomero. The building is surrounded by a picturesque park, which offers attractive panoramic views over the city of Turin and the valley traversed by two streams Tesso and Tessuolo animated by several mills and villages where the traditions and habits are still preserved, perfect combination between moments of healthy relaxation along a dense network of paths and walking trails, and a holiday in an area with obvious cultural and gastronomic vocation. The Hotel Italia of Coassolo has 14 rooms furnished in Piedmont style with fully furnished kitchen with original antique furniture and 5 new apartments. The best of the Piedmont tradition is expressed in the genuine kitchen of the “Ristorante Berta” inside the hotel which owes its name to our family that managed the hotel since its inception.

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